New Music Columns

Nothing excites me more than discovering new talent in unexpected places. Below are my new talent columns spreading the word about budding artists.

New music with Funktionslust, Kelly Lee Owens, Lena Dunham, Ida | Subbacultcha Magazine November 2014

New music with Giant Swan, Frankie Cosmos, Hey Elbow, TOPS, Women in Clothes | Subbacultcha Magazine October 2014

New music with Chynna, Bronze Teeth, Allan Kingdom, Works That Work, Cory Arcangel | Subbacultcha Magazine September 2014

New music with Petite Meller, GEoRGia, All We Are, Patatap, Be Here Nowish | Subbacultcha Magazine July/August 2014

New music with TĀLĀ, Quirke, Talker | Subbacultcha Magazine June 2014

New music with Flau Records, Millie & Andrea | Subbacultcha Magazine May 2014 

New music with Woman’s Hour, Joanna Gruesome, King avriel | Subbacultcha Magazine April 2014

New music with Rainer Veil, Calvin Love, HELM, David Horvitz | Subbacultcha Magazine March 2014

New music with Manse, ALAK, Francis Lung, Yayoi Kusama | Subbacultcha Magazine February 2014


New music with Tralala Blip, Helena Hauff, Letters of Note | Subbacultcha Magazine December 2013

New music with Valby Vokalgruppe and The Dumplings | Subbacultcha Magazine November 2013

New music with Verity Susman, Alice Boman, Ben Brooks, Emojitracker | Subbacultcha Magazine October 2013

New music with Mary Ocher, Hypnotized, Tao Lin, Phubbing | Subbacultcha Magazine September 2013

New music with Solar Year, Lydia Ainsworth, Orphan, Tachyons+, Pharmakon, Peals | Subbacultcha Magazine July/August 2013

New music with Law Holt, Wolf Alice, Container, Karen Gwyer, Moiré, Gobby | Subbacultcha Magazine June 2013

New music with Empress Of, Me N Ma Girls, Twin Empire, Menace Beach, Bishop Nehru, Throwing Shade | Subbacultcha Magazine May 2013

New music with RL Kelly, Brassica, Last Night in Paris, Metasplice, V.Hold, Dalhous | Subbacultcha Magazine April 2013

New music with Twigs, Rainy Milo, LE1F, Mozart’s Sister, Raime, Warm Soda | Subbacultcha Magazine February 2013

New music with Daphni, Majical Cloudz, Sugarm, Zu Shapes, Eraas, Triad God | Subbacultcha Magazine December 2012/January 2013


New music with Chvrches, Dawn Hunger, Dan Friel, Beak>, Thought Forms, Angel Haze | Subbacultcha Magazine November 2012

New music with Mo Kolours, Boyfriend, East India Youth, Pressed And, Cabaret Scene, Pop Winds | Subbacultcha Magazine October 2012

New music with Sasha Go Hard, Sawi Lieu, Supreme Cuts, Rick Rab, Howse, Ana Caprix | Subbacultcha Magazine September 2012

New music with Blood Diamons, Protect-U, Haleek Maul, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, John Jacob Niles, Kemialliset Ystävät  | Subbacultcha Magazine July/August 2012

New music with Ami Dang, Boneyards, Ghibli, Kohwi, Le Pécheur, Myths | Subbacultcha Magazine June 2012

New music with Pseudo Nippon, Zebra Baby, DIIV, House of John Player, Mutual Benefit, Female Band | Subbacultcha Magazine May 2012

New music with Birchess, Treasure Teeth, Doldrums, Loulye, Hélicoptère Sanglante, Nâ Hawa Doumbia | Subbacultcha Magazine April 2012

New music with Dracula Lewis, Halo Halo, Zammuto, Trust, Grace Chang, Amerigo Gazaway | Subbacultcha Magazine March 2012

New music with THEESatisfaction, Metal Chocolates, Oliver Tank, Ectoplasm Girls, HHOME VVIDEOS, Boy Snacks | Subbacultcha Magazine February 2012

New music with Juno Akasawa, Jesse Ruins, Acid Glasses, SFV Acid, Peace, King Krule | Subbacultcha Magazine December 2011/January 2012


New music with Christian AIDS, NZCA/Lines, Replicas, Radiant Dragon, MSHR, Baby Sloth Spirit, Eliot, DJ Salinger | Subbacultcha Magazine November 2011

New music with Raleigh Moncrief, SpaceGhostPurrp, Wavepool Abortion, Co La, Silent Diane, Sunless 97 | Subbacultcha Magazine October 2011

New music with Death Grips, Flamingods, Dj Yo-Yo Dieting, Bong Rodent, Tense Men, Sealings, Blanck Mass, Anguish Sandwich | Subbacultcha Magazine September 2011

New music with Jar Moff, Lower Dens, Bathcrones, The Soft Moon, Iuengliss, Two Bicycles, Velvet Davenport, Games | Subbacultcha Magazine February 2011

New music with Beaty Heart, Dem Hunger, Gidgetsparks, Pascal Pinon, Nedry, Sauna Youth | Subbacultcha Magazine December 2010/January 2011

New music with Sewn Leather, BDRMPPL, DJ Dog Dick, Total Freedom, Sumsun, Hear Hums | Subbacultcha Magazine November 2010

New music with Islet, Please, TQQUNDO FRRRRR, Sun Araw, Felicita, The Atoms, Slutever, School Tour | Subbacultcha Magazine October 2010

New music with Hideous Men, Alphabets, Phonebooks, Prince Rama, Married in Berdichev, Hype Williams, Vondelpark, Hocus Tocus | Subbacultcha Magazine September 2010